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Information to assist course providers in submitting proposals in 2021

This Question and Answer document aims to support prospective Springboard+ course providers in preparing proposals for this year’s Call. In the event of further queries from providers, this document will be updated, and new versions will be flagged by the appropriate date (this version = January 2021).

Providers should review all of the information circulated by the HEA for the Call Process.

All questions on the Call(s) should be directed to springboard@hea.ie for Springboard+.


Can an individual school/department in a college register as an Administrator on SkillsDirect, the online proposal submission system?

SkillsDirect provides for a single, coordinating ‘Administrator’ per college who has the facility to register an unlimited number of others on the system as ‘Users’.

Can two people in our institution get logins for the Skills Direct portal for the Springboard+?

The first person to register from an institution is assigned the role of ‘administrator’. Other people can be added in that institution, however they must be added as a user by their administrator. If your institution has already been registered, then the user is not allowed register but should ask their administrator to register for them.

My login details from last year are not working. How can I logon to skillsdirect.hea.ie?

You will need to register again for the new year so you will create a new password when you do that. You can ‘Click here to read the Call requirements and to Register’ at the bottom of the page to register. If you are the first person to register for your institution, you will act as the administrator for your institution and it is then possible to add other users.

We are leading a consortium proposal with two other institutions. Is there a way for them to see the proposal on SkillsDirect?

No. Only the consortium lead will be able to view, edit or submit a proposal on SkillsDirect. It is vitally important that the consortium lead liaises with their partners to ensure that they are aware and agree to the details in the proposal (Including the title, award, NFQ level, numbers of credits, etc.). Proposals can be download and printed off SkillsDirect. It is advisable that consortium leads share the completed proposal with their partner institutions.

Springboard+ 2021:

For Springboard+, can I get access to course proposals my college submitted in previous years?

The proposals submitted under Springboard in previous years are still accessible through http://skillsdirect2015.hea.ie/ (2015), http://skillsdirect2016.hea.ie/ (2016), http://skillsdirect2017.hea.ie/ (2017), http://skillsdirect2018.hea.ie/ (2018), http://skillsdirect2019.hea.ie/ (2019) and http://skillsdirect2020.hea.ie/ (2020). You will need your username and password from that year to gain access.

Where can I see information on Springboard+ course costs in previous year(s)?

Information on average costs is available in the evaluation of Springboard+. All evaluations published to date are available at www.springboardcourses.ie/reports.

Average costs per Skills Category and NFQ Level

Appendix 1